AnimeKon 2012!

This year I had the misfortune of being on call on day one of AnimeKon. In retrospect, I could’ve gone considering how my day went… Instead! I missed the awesomeness of the Kon on Saturday and milked as much of it as I could on Sunday. I still get this feeling like I missed out on a ton of stuff though *sadface*

I cosplayed again this year! Last year I wanted to play it safe and go with a character I could easily put together and still make use of the clothes of later: Osaki Nana. This year I went for a more adventurous character…one that actually needed a bit of work to be placed into. And it was totally worth it! When I had decided that I’d make the outfit and weapon for her at home, I was really hoping it wouldn’t turn out to be horrific. I’m so glad it turned out to be as amazing as it was…especially because our sewing machine was giving trouble sewing the type of material we bought for the outfit! Ah! With the help of my amazingly talented Momma, the outfit was done in a few days and I spent a few days on the weapon itself (most of the time went into figuring out the sizing to my arm and painting and drying).

So, who was I? Suì-Fēng aka Soifon from Bleach.

Soifon in the cosplay competition

I was practically coerced by my friends to enter the cosplay competition this year. I was willing though (deep deep down inside). In all my shyness, I’m not the kind of person who’ll go up on a stage in front of so many people so it was a task I’m proud to have accomplished. To win or not wasn’t the purpose of entering. It was all for the fun and experience of having done it at all! And, I have to say, I really really enjoyed the experience! I’d definitely do it again =D

There were tons of amazing cosplays at the Kon this year! More and more people are really getting into it! The Caribbean Cosplayers (of which I’m proud to be a part of) is a group of awesome people who really look into putting in the efforts for great cosplay.

I wish so much that I went on Saturday! Depending on your level of interest, going on one day may be enough…but there are amazing things that happen both days that I just wouldn’t want to miss (unless I had no choice like this year *sadface*). I’ve been told Saturday-goers heard about the awesome stuff they missed out on on Sunday, meanwhile Sunday-goers lament on missing out on the awesome cosplays of Saturday (like me T_T). So, how about next time, save yourself such sad thoughts and get a weekend pass! I bet it’ll be TOTALLY worth it.

Soifon and a…pokeball?!
Haha Vicki went for the easiest last minute thing she could put together. 🙂

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I spent most of the day whizzing about the Kon enjoying myself with nothing (except maybe my phone) on hand so I didn’t come home with very many photos. I left my camera in the hands of one of my trusty sidekick friends and got a bit less than I had hoped for. As I’m going through the blog, I’m wishing I had some photos that I don’t have *sigh* Still, at least I have some. I’m pretty sure other people have more (and better) photos of me than I do of myself…and I’m going to find them all over Facebook. Yay for social media frenzy!

Standing Penance ended the event with a blast like last year. They were too awesome for the place to handle and their performance got cut off by security because it was time to end the show. Psh.

And OHMYGAWSH thanks so much guys for the Skillet song!!! Seriously seriously love those guys!

Of course, thank you SO much to Mel, Omar and Tiffany for putting together another year of epicness! It just keeps on getting bigger and better every year!


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