Nassau: The Finale!

Our final weekend in the Bahamas was full of fun! Two main tasks were completed: A Dolphin Encounters experience on Saturday, followed by a beat retreat on Sunday for Bahamas’ Independence Day.

To start with, our last day at PMH was an incredibly bittersweet one. We had to say our goodbyes to everyone who was so kind to us throughout our time there. To this day, one month later, Vicki and I still miss all the wonderful people we met, especially the doctors that somehow managed to get us to actually like Internal Medicine (now I’m back home and on rotation and I hate it!). We got some photos with everyone and took home a little piece of PMH.

Entrance to Blue Lagoon Island

We had an amazing time on Saturday doing the Dolphin Encounters on Blue Lagoon Island! We got a chance to pet, dance with, feed, hug and kiss a dolphin! We met the very lovely Cacique! Such a sweet dolphin he was. If I ever get another chance to spend time with a dolphin, and I have the money to spare, I’d definitely do the Dolphin Swim. With the Encounters, we simply stood on the platform and had our chance to do these little actions with the dolphin. In the Swim, there’s a bit more interaction with the dolphin in water. I definitely want to do that! All in all, it was an incredible day that I’ll remember for a long time to come.


“Kiss a dolphin” has now been crossed off my bucket list. Hehe.

Three curious dolphins

With Bahamas’ Independence Day approaching on the Tuesday, a beat retreat was held on Sunday. It was really fun to watch…for Vicki it was the experience of her life as someone who was formerly a cadet.

Happy Independence Bahamas – July 10

I left Nassau bright and early Monday morning. I was admittedly a little sad to leave but I had a great 4 weeks with lots of memories to take home. Maybe someday I’ll visit again.


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