Off West Bay Street: Ardastra Zoo and Fort Charlotte

On Saturday, we decided to travel by foot and check out Ardastra Zoo and Fort Charlotte, places not very far away from where we are. We usually pass them on the way to downtown Nassau during the week and decided we’d check them out. Saturday was forecasted to be a rainy day but it remained overcast for the most part. Perfect weather for walking (I’m already getting more tanned than I would like to be as it is) save for the humidity from the recent rainy days as well. It was hot, but at least the sun wasn’t out.

Black swans

At Ardastra Zoo, there were two main events: Parrot Feeding and a Flamingo Show. The parrot feeding was super fun! The guy in charge kindly informed us that the parrots we were feeding were liquid feeders, so they use their tongues to extract the juices from the apple slides we would be holding up. They won’t start trying to eat your fingers, no fear!

The feeling of their claws on my hand was so strange! And because they were such messy eaters, they ended up licking my hand as well since bits of the apple slices were on my hand as well. That was certainly a unique feeling. Nothing like a parrot licking your hand.

Flamingo Crossing

The Flamingo show was okay…nothing spectacular. Basically, flamingos being herded…walking around and stopping, several times. At the end of the show, some of the people in the audience got to go onto the arena to get photos with them. I was not one of those lucky people who got to stand on one leg and make a flamingo pose for a flamingo photo. Vicki was, though.

Sleeping Flamingo

I wasn’t too bothered because some of the flamingos were actually allowed to roam freely in the zoo and I got some nice photos there.

Kiss from a cockatoo

And on the way out, I got a sweet kiss from a lovely Mollucan Cockatoo on my nose.

In a ventilation hole in the Fort.

Fort Charlotte was just down the road from the Zoo, so we ventured up a small hill and snuck into the place. Almost. We hadn’t realised that there was a $5 admission fee. Oops! But we were honest tourists, paid the fee and roamed the small fort.

A little more exploration of what little else there was to see on West Bay Street and we made our way home, but after we stopped in Twin Brothers in Arawak Cay again for dinner and another delicious daiquiri!


4 thoughts on “Off West Bay Street: Ardastra Zoo and Fort Charlotte

  1. The Oasis Projekt says:

    Hello Ms. Symplicity! 🙂

    Just ran across your blog as I was enjoying a peaceful time of blog-hopping, a new thing for me. I loved your posts about your schooling, Barbados, the Bahamas, and the picture flying out of Miami…beautiful! You have a light, fun writing style, and your pictures, especially at the zoo, were totally fun and made me want to hop on a plane right now. 🙂

    Hope all is well!



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