Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island

If I had the energy, I would truly love to give a lovely update more frequently during my stay in Nassau. Unfortunately, I’m severely lacking from activities at the hospital and outside of it. So here’s last weekend’s update.

The Flying Horses of Atlantis

We were home all day Saturday doing nothing in particular. Sunday, Vicki and I went to the infamous Atlantis Resort though we didn’t venture into the water park section with the slides and such (there’s a reason for that).

We got the day-pass for the aquatic habitats though. Just walking around the resort and through the marine areas were incredibly nice as it was.

Everything exists in Atlantis! It’s literally a country by itself in one massive resort! From a medical clinic to a theatre to numerous clubs for various age groups to the casino, restaurants and Starbucks, it’s a bit like you could just stay there for a week and never find any reason to leave. There’s always something to do and the resort itself is so massive. I’m pretty sure we did several miles of walking that day…walking up and down and all around looking for the different areas and getting a little lost.

All in all it was still a really fun day, even without the crazy fun water slides.


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