Emergency Medicine

This week started a new rotation: Emergency Medicine.

It has been an amazingly drastic difference from the more relaxed Family Medicine. I work shifts and the department just…keeps you on your feet. This week was my morning 8 AM – 4 PM shift…I wouldn’t say it was quiet…more like, it’s not as hectic as the night shifts but it has its fair share of…action. In fact, just today I didn’t have a chance to take a break until 5 PM after my shift since my breakfast at 6:30 AM this morning. Ah, the joys of Accident & Emergency.

I’ve been so busy being exhausted at the end of the day to come home and start studying. So busy that today is the first day since Sunday that I’ve turned on my computer. I have the luxury of this weekend home (unfortunately, next weekend will be drastically different) so I’m affording myself some time with my computer.

Emergency Medicine. Definitely not my thing. Three more weeks and it’ll be over.


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