Holders Organic Farmers Market

My Mom decided to drag me out of the house today to visit the Organic Farmers Market. She went once before with my Aunt but I chose to be lazy that day and stayed home to do…probably nothing substantial. “It’s not raining. It’s nice and sunny today!” she said.

There really isn’t a whole lot to it. Some small stalls set up outdoors and indoors of all kinds of interesting things. Indoors you’d find more of the organic foods, vegetables, gluten-free pastries, etc. with lots of samples of interesting little things to try. Outdoors we saw a lot of jewellery, clothes, and a wine stall. So it’s really relatively small.

Some outdoor stalls

Not a ton of walking around was done (especially not in that sun!). And since my Mom had been around before, she couldn’t be bothered to be at the market for very long so we didn’t stop by very many stalls. No biggie. She knew what she wanted to buy and we were ready to roll back home: 2 dozen organic eggs and organic chocolate.

Yum! Yum! Organic chocolate!

The guy selling the organic chocolate gave us some samples first and was sure to add, “You must close your eyes to fully enjoy it.” Sure enough, I did. Had I not closed my eyes, I would’ve anyway. The organic chocolate literally melts in your mouth and was so absolutely delicious! A distinct taste from the usual chocolate one purchases from a store. We purchased a box and made our way home.

Large, wooden and lizard-like. Simply sitting near the entrance.

Flowers captivate me. I don’t think I’ve seen ones like these around before…growing in little bouquets on a tree.

But not before I stopped to capture these. It wasn’t much of a stop since my Mom kept walking away without me, muttering that the sun is killing her. So, these were quick photos of stuff that caught my eye as we were exiting.

Check out the Holders Farmers Market: Website | Facebook

Indeed, it was blindingly sunny and hot outside.

Weather forecast for the day. I agree, it does feel like way over 30 degrees and the UV outside is extreme. Too extreme for my sensitive eyes.


3 thoughts on “Holders Organic Farmers Market

  1. Jurgen Starck says:

    This is a really nice article about the Holders Farmers’ Market.
    Assuming your permission, I have placed a link to this article in the “in the media” section of the market’s website.

    Jurgen Starck (web master)


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