Hong Kong Drama Love

I have many loves. One of them happens to be Hong Kong dramas. I started watching them with my Mom a couple of years ago when my Uncle gave her some DVDs he had bought in New York for some series he thought she’d like. I sat and watched them with her, despite the lack of English subtitles and thoroughly enjoyed them (despite the lack of complete understanding)! Since then, I started searching for a source for them online…with subtitles of course…and found a place to satisfy our connection to Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, I don’t make a lot of time to watch Hong Kong dramas so my Mom mainly watches them on her own. Since I’m on vacation right now though, I decided to watch one with her: The Hippocratic Crush (English title) – On Call 36小時 (Chinese title – On Call 36 Hours).

The thing I’ve noticed about Hong Kong dramas is that a lot of the time you may see the same actors/actresses working in many of the popular series. So, many a time you would find them working together over and over and you get accustomed to seeing them…finding ones you really like and ones you don’t really like. Most of the cast in this series was unfamiliar to me but I do recognise a few from previous series I’ve watched or glimpsed at before.

The Hippocratic Crush was a wonderful reminder of just how much I love watching these dramas. Series tend not to last very long…20-40 episodes mostly and most of them have incredibly touching story lines. The plot can be intense! You laugh a ton and you cry a ton…and when you laugh, you laugh till you cry…when you cry, you cry till you have no more tears left to run.

In general, it gives me a sense of immersion into the culture – for my Mom, she gets a sense of familiarity of home. I learn a lot from each drama – something meaningful is always taken away – a striking contrast to many (but not necessarily all) Western series where a plot is long-lasting and shows a different kind of culture. Honestly, watching HK dramas make me wonder why I even bother to watch TV at all…so much of it is meaningless and filled with substance use, violence and sex. Kids these days grow up with these things on TV and not much else…just what are they learning by watching TV? That it’s okay to do these things because they make you feel good?

What did I learn from The Hippocratic Crush? I got a pleasant reminder that life is unpredictable. As a medical drama, it was quite centered around time and the value of life. Time is a precious thing that can end at any time…every moment that we live in now should be cherished. What’s the point of wasting time? Whatever needs to be done, don’t save till later. Do it now…you don’t know if later will be too late.

Something like that. =]

I think I need to watch more HK dramas. They make me happy and excited and emotional and I learn a lot – from values to language.


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