The Journey, Not The Destination

Too often, I get frustrated with the present times. My goals are my driving force. They keep me moving forward. But it happens so often that I started focussing so much on the results of all the difficulties I face now that, sometimes, I forget to pay attention to the present. Neglect tends to result and I have to remind myself to focus on now so that I can reach the later.

My future excites me more than my present. I have a tendency to plan rather far ahead. But the future is nothing if the present is not accomplished, you know? I’m a little frustrated in medical school. The conventional thinking just isn’t for me and being surrounded by the mindset can sometimes drive me up a wall. My mind turns off and I shut down for a little while, ignoring the ignorant comments that everything alternative is absolute rubbish. So I can’t help myself when my thoughts wander to the future prospect of studying naturopathic medicine in another country. It’s what I want to do, truly, in my heart. I need to get through this now, though. Just one more year of study and one year of internship and then I’ll be free to go into Naturopathic Medicine.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. ~ Greg Anderson

So then, why did I choose to go to a medical school of conventional teaching? I always knew that I wanted to do medicine and I decided, even before entering medical school, that I wanted to go into a field in complementary medicine but I had no idea what. It was only in my 2nd or 3rd year of  medical school that I learnt about and sought after Naturopathic Medicine. I grew up in a family of alternative practitioners so I’m familiar of their mindset to conventional medicine…now I’m familiar with the mindset of conventional physicians. As frustrating as it can be, it’s something I like knowing that I can understand. I don’t want to have a one-sided medical practice so doing both studies helps me to be a better integrative medical practitioner, I think.

Thinking back on the past 4 years of medical school, I’ve developed so much. I’ve changed in many ways, good ways in my opinion. I’ve learnt a lot – about myself and others – and I wouldn’t change my decision to go to medical school if I had the chance. In two years, I’m sure I’ll have even more to reflect on. I’ll think back and realise that the journey towards my goals was worth it.

So, whenever I find myself daydreaming about the future to escape the present, I always have to give myself a gentle reminder: the main focus isn’t what may happen later, but what is happening right now.


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