Tea & The Beach

I live on an island. Of all the places I frequent, the beach is not one of them. People always say to me, “You live on an island but you don’t go to the beach? But it’s so beautiful and amazing!” It’s true, the beach is everyday scenery for me and I don’t visit it often…maybe once or twice a year. But today I went to the beach with a friend who managed to convince me to go…for the first time since last April, I believe.

Bathsheba, Barbados. Not where I went today.

I went to Batts Rock beach on the west coast today. I’d never been to that one before but it was rocky (Batts Rock after all) so we walked over to Paradise beach instead. The area between the two beaches was so peaceful! The splashing of the waves and the songs of the trees captured in the wind was amazing. I wish so much that there was a camera to share the beauty of the scene. The water itself was crystal clear and beautiful. The sun was warm without its usual burn. It was a pleasant afternoon out doing something unusual. It was a great change of pace.

Prior to the beach visit, I moseyed on over to my favourite place on the island: NovelTeas Teahouse & Bistro. They had to close up and move to a new location a few months ago and finally reopened today! Boy oh boy! I was so excited! It’s been so long! I got myself an incredibly yummy Long Island Strawberry Green Tea. It had some hints of fruity flavours along with the smoothness of green tea. It was my first time trying it and I wasn’t disappointed one bit! I like trying out a new tea every now and then. I’ve loved almost every single one I’ve tried so far! Ah~ refreshing.

All in all, it’s been a rather eventful day. Quite lovely. Quite lovely indeed.


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