Two weeks and going!

And going strong!

I’m rather proud that I’ve been able to keep up with the routine of doing Zumba every other day. It’s been just over two weeks so far and I’ve been doing really well! I’m so full of energy and super sweaty at the end of it and it feels amazing! Last week I started the Cardio Party disc, thinking it was time to graduate from the 20-minute Basic Express workout. Boy was it a jump! It’s practically twice as long and uses way more energy! I just about managed to make it half way through initially. Three sessions later, I was able to work through the entire DVD! And I feel less and less exhausted but more and more energetic at the end of it.

I love that I’m building some stamina and keeping fit! My sluggish lymphatic system is finally getting a bit of a kick start and is back in action! I honestly forgot how great it feels to get in a good workout. I’ll do my best not to skip out on a day because once that happens, the whole thing falls apart! Zumba every other day…without fail!


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