Not Quite Right In The Head

My final rotation of my penultimate year in medical school: Psychiatry, Ethics & Humanities. Let’s be honest, Psychiatry is the bulk of it all.

Whenever I tell someone that I’m currently on Psychiatry, I’m asked, “How is it?” or “What’s that like?” And all I can ever really say is “Interesting.” That’s all it is to me really. I did an Introduction to Psychology course while I was at Community College and was interested in it but, having done a bit of psychiatry now, I can’t say I’m the least bit interested.

To be able to do psychiatry, one must have a certain way of thinking. Like people often say “Get into the mind of the patient.” In psychiatry, you would have to be someone who’s a little off in the head to be able to understand the mind of the patient. Quite naturally though, it’s not possible to understand most. Many cases make you wonder how a person can think this way or act this way or speak this way. You sit and wonder how their minds process their thoughts. It’s actually quite intriguing. And that’s what makes the mind such a powerful tool. It’s a tool that can never ever be understood and will always be shrouded in the mysteries of its functioning. Everyone is unique and, yet, the same.

I found this lovely little flow chart of medical specialties the other day. Take note of where psychiatry sits. And if you’re a medical student like me, feel free to follow the flow chart to see what specialty you might fit into. Of course, it’s just for fun. I ended up exactly where one would expect to have found me: Anaesthesia. Ha.

But, really, you do need quite the attention span for psychiatry. Patient interviews can take at least an hour, depending on the patient’s situation. As interesting some of the theory can be, the practice itself isn’t suited to my tastes.


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