Presentation of Interests

Today was the big day for me to present on whatever interests me. Oral presentations ftw! No, not really. But I have to say, it turned out really really well.

I spoke a little bit about anime and a bit about manga while mentioning manhwa. I spoke about the various genres and the direction in which text is read. I mentioned some anime series that we would’ve grown up with in our region/culture to induce some interaction with my audience and mentioned a couple of my favourites (though there are far too many!) as well as some common series I know people would’ve heard about before.

I turned things into a bit of a show-and-tell when I started talking about cosplay. So I brought out Suzumebachi and some Chii ears I had made for fun. I managed to completely forget to bring along a volume of Wish that I have sitting on my shelf! It only occurred to me that I should’ve brought it along when my psychiatry consultant asked if I read manga and own the books and stuff. But people were rather impressed that I managed to make the little weapon. I think I also gave some people a bit of shock and laughter when I displayed a photo of my cosplay as Osaki Nana from last year’s AnimeKon (it was filled with quite a bit of…attitude. Quite unlike me, but super fun to portray nonetheless).

AK2012 cosplay sneak preview! This is my not-so-perfect-but-perfect-enough Suzumebachi made with my own two hands over the span of two days.

All in all it was an incredibly fun presentation for which I really didn’t feel a lot of anxiety for. And I was able to express some enthusiasm for it, I believe. When your interested in your topic, you’re enthusiasm encourages your audience to want to listen…that was the basis for which this assignment was given.

I hope things continue to improve in the future when it comes to my anticipatory anxiety. In fact, things can only get better!


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