A New Home

Welcome to my new humble abode!

Yes, I know I only recently revamped my blog last October and change doesn’t come to it quite often. This one was a pretty big change…for me, at least. Well, for you too. I decided to move to a new home: WordPress.

Why change from Blogger to WordPress, you ask?

The simple answer is this: There are some things available on WordPress that I felt I could make use of, not available on Blogger. They both have their features…Blogger was a little more flexible with the free designer, while I find using the WordPress posting editor is a little easier. It’s a lot like choosing a new mobile phone…they’re all so similar in functionality but their features are a little different. To each their own.

Making this post feels something akin to moving into a new home. I’ve moved in all my new posts so it’s all still nostalgic but I’ve got a new house layout to grow accustomed to.

I’ll miss the use of Blogger but I’ll embrace the new community of WordPress.

Do stay awhile.

Your grateful hostess, Amy.


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