Enter The Dragon

新年快乐! (Simplified Chinese) 
新年快樂! (Traditional Chinese)

Last January, the year of the Tiger shuffled out with a bang before giving the year of the Rabbit, the more peaceful of the zodiac signs, a fairly rough start. Today, the Rabbit peacefully allows the entrance of the respected Dragon. And now, we start a new year. What does the year of the Dragon have in store for us, I wonder? I’m looking forward to it!

On a side note, I get fairly nervous every time we Skype my family in Hong Kong for the usual lunar new year greetings. My Cantonese is beyond terrible!

Meanwhile, here’s a super fun video I saw the other day…veering a little away from tradition but entertaining nonetheless. Party Rock Anthem has shaken up the cosmos.


2 thoughts on “Enter The Dragon

  1. Mario says:

    Interesting..i promised myself to learn cantonese or mandarin one day and visit different parts of china maybe…also the same for japenese and japan 😀


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