Olympic Day 2011

Today was Olympic Day 2011 with the theme “Move. Learn. Discover.” It’s an event in which the sports clubs/federations in Barbados come together and showcase themselves to the general public and encourage participation in the sports of their choosing.

As a past member of the World Taekwondo Federation and the Barbados Fencing Club, I get the lovely choice of who I want to join…not that it really matters. For some reason, the fencing club doesn’t have as many members as it deserves because fencing is a pretty great sport…I guess it’s just not popular enough here so we tend to represent them at Olympic Day to help build their numbers.

Once upon a time, I used to be involved in various sporting activities like swimming, badminton, taekwondo and fencing. At one point, I was even doing the former three at the same time! That was a time when I was lovely and young and, as you can imagine, fit. I’ve certainly lost all my fitness and the youthful finesse that comes with it. Of course, being 21, I’m as youthful as an adult can be ;). But this loss came along with my starting of medical school…I gave up each sport one by one…first badminton (because I played for the secondary school I went to moreso than with a club), then taekwondo, swimming and, lastly, fencing. I love all those sports though! As I lack the aggression, fencing and taekwondo weren’t exactly my forte but I had good form and got great workouts from them both. I was perfectly average in all these sports…not particularly amazing at any…probably because I lack speed. Hmm…I wonder how much more awesome I could’ve been if I had the speed to go with my form?

Well, regardless, today I got pretty active. I joined the fencing team for an Orienteering race of some sort. Apparently, that’s a sport. Did you know that? It’s something like a treasure hunt. It involved a whole lot of walking and running around that tired me out! Sports enough for me. Haha. I also got to play a little badminton again! Oh, how I missed it. It’s been 5 years since I last played…I think.

All in all, I had a pretty great day with my friends. Honestly, I meant to get my phone out and film for a vlog but…you know…for some reason…that didn’t quite happen. Sigh. I need to make a far greater effort at making a vlog this coming weekend because…it’s a full weekend of AnimeKon 2011!


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