On The Feet

My poor feet. They hurt. My heels hurt. The balls of my feet hurt. It hurts. So much walking. So much. I’ve been walking up and down between 3-4 floors for at least 6 hours a day…on a light day. My tibialis anterior aches…there’s a first (of many firsts since starting this surgery clerkship). Oh well, it’s excellent exercise so I can’t complain. Honestly, there really shouldn’t be any doctors of size in surgery due to all the walking we do. Our consultant still has a bit of a belly though and he walks the wards like nothing. But then, he’s got years of practice on his feet. Gotta learn how to stand and walk properly.

I haven’t really done much since Monday. Yesterday I sat in on out-patient appointments so, thankfully, I got to sit…albeit I sat for 5 hours and went right through the lunch hour (resulting in me growing hungry around midday, to remain that way until I had the luxury of time for food…which was when I returned home after 5). Today, for the first time this week, I was able to have some time to myself and ate lunch at 1:30! I must be learning some degree of control over my hunger reflexes since I really wasn’t hungry until I got to the hospital cafeteria to see and smell the food…then I was hungry. I could be wrong, but only time will tell. I didn’t get only 1 hour for food, I got 3 hours of free time! Naturally, I sat in the cafeteria and studied up on hernias.

I learn a lot on the wards when I listen to people present cases and answer the consultant’s questions…so much so that some of it’s lost along the way. This is why I make note of stuff I need to read up on (most urgently) as the day goes by. That, by the way, would encompass a lot of reading and a whole lot of brushing up on the anatomy I learnt 2 years ago. 

On Sunday, if I get a chance, I’d like to sit and simmer in a nice little bubble bath. That sounds just spiffy!

Back to the books!


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