Days Come & Go

The days are passing by quickly and slowly. Quickly, because I haven’t been studying much for the exams I have which start in 2 days. Slowly, because there’s so much I’d like to do but can’t since exams are coming up and I need to be studying. You know how it is, when you want something after a particular date, it just seems to come too slowly.

It’s December. The final month of the year. The month honoured to usher in the new year…on the Gregorian calendar, at least. The month with the festive holiday celebrated in most places around the year. The month that children look forward to presents and cookies and cakes and all sorts of holiday foods. The month I have final examinations.

Time has passed so much faster than I could anticipate. It seems like just yesterday I returned from my Shanghai trip. To me, those memories are still fresh as ever in my mind: the scents, the emotions, the environment, the food, the language, the people. This is why I like to travel – for the new and rejuvenating feeling, the fun and adventures that I’ll never have at home. It saddens me to know that I won’t be travelling this Christmas holiday.

The next week and half will come and go, faster than I’ll anticipate yet slower than I’d like. These days will be filled with the strains of examinations and studying and will hold no more than 5% fun (because I refuse to miss out on watching The Vampire Diaries – otherwise there’d be 0).


See you in a few days.


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