Indications of Change

Everyone goes through various stages of life trying to find who they are and what they like. People are constantly changing as they grow.

When I was a little girl, I used to love the colour pink, Barbie, long nails, nail polish, long hair, dresses and wearing my Mom’s oversized shoes. A was truly an adorable little girl.

When I was a youthful teenager, I developed a nasty hate for the colour pink, discarded any prior attachments to Barbies, left behind my positive feelings about heels and pretty much became a tomboy who liked dark nail polish, long hair and nails. When I started taekwondo, the nail polish and long nails went “bye bye!” and I happily left them behind. By then, I developed this interest in awesome baggy pants and had couldn’t give a care in the world about things like make up or fashion. In fact, those things were virtually non-existent to me.

Ever since I’ve entered medical school, I’ve evolved further into another person altogether. I still have quite the distaste for the colour pink, grew to like heels (but only thick ones that aren’t any taller than 3″! Those pointy stick heels are absolutely absurd), grew out of the baggy pants but still prefer pants over skirts. I’m starting to grow to like skirts too! I still like my nails short, but that’s because it’s easier to handle my touchscreen accessories with short nails…or, no nails. I’m not a big fan of nail polish because it’s like poison to your nails. Bad stuff. My hair? I’m absolutely loving it short these days and that’s because I have problems with keeping it long. Recently, I’ve gained an interest in make up.
It’s interesting to think back on my interests in previous stages of my development and I often wonder how I will further develop in the future…at some point, I’ll reach a level that’s just right for me. I’ve developed reasons for the things I do as life moves along…like my reasons for keeping my hair and nails short, and why I don’t use nail polish.

In much the same way as a single cell develops into a talented human being, I’m developing. I’m changing. I’m learning. I’m growing.

What about you? Have you ever sat down to think about how you’ve evolved over the years? 

This was my reflection on my physical appearance and interests over the past 20 years. As for my personality and internal development, I guess I can save that for later. =)

I’ll tell you one thing that hasn’t ever wavered: my love for cute things and stuffed animals!


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