Looking Towards The Future

This past week, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with one thing in the whole entire world: Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine!


I’ve looked at a couple of naturopathic schools, gracefully skipping over the ones in the U.S. If you’re wondering why, it’s just because, for some reason, I’m not very fond of having to reside in America for any length of time. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just New York that I’m uncomfortable with, but the country just doesn’t sit with me very well. Granted, I haven’t visited many other states…I’ve been to Florida but my memories there are too vague. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to visit and I’d very much like to visit other states in the U.S.

So, I’ve looked towards Canada and England. I haven’t found any places in England that’s really caught my eye the way CCNM has managed to. In fact, I’m starting to wonder how it so firmly managed to gain my priority attention. Maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be. Things just happen like that, you know?

CCNM is a very well accredited naturopathic school that would allow me to practice as a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) in Canada and U.S. states that allow such practices. It’s got a rivetingly rigorous programme that would seriously challenge one’s mind and skills. Clinic work is even incorporated from semester 1! I think that’s pretty amazing. And the degree encompasses a wide range of natural medicine techniques from acupuncture, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy and Asian diagnosis techniques (such as pulse and tongue diagnosis)! It’s amazing! It’s just so exciting!

I’ve been looking at the website every day since the day I discovered it and I manage to find new information floating about. I’ve even found a Survival Manual from last year on the Naturopathic Students’ Association (N.S.A.) website. It’s an excellent guide for people (like myself) who are unfamiliar with Toronto and the general area, as well as a basic guide for surviving first year. I’ve discovered a list of clubs at the college, the nearest food places, shopping places, health food stores, subway exits and more. It’s just been all fun for me.

Now, if you’ve managed to read this far into my slightly obsessive post, you may (or may not) be thinking that I’m a little crazy for finding all this information for a school that I cannot attend for, at least, another 4 years. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve mapped out my future for, probably, the next 4-8 years. So, I know exactly what I want in life, big deal. You may be thinking “Geez, why don’t you just focus on the studies at hand so that you could get good grades to make it into the school!” Well, you should read my previous post.

I’ve lost any motivation I once had to properly study for medical school. It’s been one boring day after the other and I feel like I’m being taught little in my classes. No motivation = No studying. Discovering CCNM has lit a fire in me that no other school or programme I’ve seen has managed to do. I’m motivated to do well once more because I have something to work towards…somewhere to work towards. An escape. A dream, almost forgotten.

Of course, there’s also the fact that I don’t know what kind of procedures would be necessary for me to apply to CCNM. Now that I know, I know it’s not exactly the simplest procedure and I know that my university is far from efficient. So, it’s best to learn these things early so that I’m properly prepared and don’t waste any time in life.

That almost-forgotten dream? I remember when I made the resolution like it was this morning.


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