Departing For Awesome Experiences

The time is soon here. I’ll be flying away from Barbados. After three flights (one lasting up to 16 hours), I’ll arrive at wonderful Shanghai! I’m so incredibly excited!!! I’ve been waiting for the day to come for 2 months and, in two blinks, it’s here. Before I know I’ll be returning to Barbados after another three flights. But it’s okay because I would’ve had an immense amount of fun and travel.
I know China to be an extremely hot place. I complain about the heat here but I can’t wait to see just how much hotter it is there. Last I knew, temperatures go up to 40 degrees Celsius there. I wonder what the humidity is like there, though. Hopefully it’s not very humid because I get more than enough of that here…
Anyways, just a quick post to say “Bye!” =) I won’t have direct access to this blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube while I’m there (courtesy of The Great Firewall). I’ll try making posts from my email if I have decent internet access and time. Hopefully, it can work out well that way so that I can sort of keep you all with me as I go day by day. =)P.S. This post was done through my email account…kind of like a test to see how things go. If I manage to make posts as I’d like to from China and images seem to be aligned anywhere but center or have funny sizes, then…that’s just how Gmail attaches images. =)


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