10 Days before my disappearance

It’s been an indecent 14 days since I last made a blog entry! I figured it was about time I remedied that.

I’ve been incredibly busy the past 2 weeks…doing a course, practicing what I’ve learnt and trying to learn more! Meanwhile, I still have a research project report to type up and hand in by next week. I’m no good at biostatistics and 1.5 weeks of cram teaching taught me next to nothing about it so it’s relatively safe to say that I’m feeling very lost with this research business.

Whenever I get frustrated with school, I have a tendency to look for a distraction. This time my distraction is Roswell. I never really got to watch it when I was younger and I had the link to all 3 seasons sitting there in my bookmarks. I started watching and now I’m at episode 12. My oh my. If the only available links weren’t megavideo, I would have a difficult time stopping myself from watching episode after episode like a marathon. The 54 minute break lets me work on my report but I get frustrated with it fairly often. Roswell is as good as I always hear it to be! =)

In exactly 10 days’ time…I’ll be disappearing from the face of the internet! Everyone must know by now where I’ll be going…China! I’m so incredibly excited! The Shanghai World Expo is gonna be a blast. Not to mention, I get to see a friend again! The one I mentioned a few times before who’s studying there. He’s working at the Barbados booth at the expo and he’s having such a great time…I’m so envious! Or at least I was. Now that I get to go to the expo myself, I’m pretty satisfied with life. =)


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