That Feeling You Get

Many persons were not aware of this: I’m currently in Trinidad. I’ll be here until Wednesday and then I’ll be returning home. My trip wasn’t entirely planned from awhile ago like my trips usually are…it was done just the week before. So, what am I in Trinidad for?

I’m currently taking a certificate course in Biofeedback Basic Training. Basically, I’m trained to use a machine. But, there’s more than that. Maybe someday I’ll explain this in greater detail.

“Energy is all there is.” – Albert Einstein

This is the concept with which this training revolves. One must be open in mind, spirit and body to accept the weight and possibilities and challenges involved with what we’re currently learning about. Open the mind to the energies around you.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Someday I’ll talk about it.

My class consists of 8 people: from The Wellness Center in Barbados and the Center for Disease Prevention in Trinidad…my parents’ companies. These people are being trained to use this system. Our ages vary but most people are in their 30s and 40s. I’m the youngest person being trained. Some people are very open and acceptable and don’t undermine me. But, you know what? There’s one person who is not. No words need to be said. I just know that this individual doesn’t seem to believe in my capability…or merely refuses to accept it. You know that feeling you get when someone doesn’t listen to what you’re saying (even though you’re right) because they think you’re inferior? Surely, you do.

It’s a bit of a rant from here on. Feel free to read…or not read.

Because this blog is read by so many people close to me that I’m unaware of, I won’t even be specific about the gender of this individual. When this person does something and I question the reliability of what is being done, the response I receive is one that has the undertone of “who do you think you are to be asking that?”. When this person turns out to be wrong and I interject with what is actually correct, the defensive position is suddenly taken and I start to feel attacked. It’s like “you’re not the tutor, you really think you know so much more than me?” -_-

The question is not that I know more or less. We are in the same class. We are learning the same thing from the same person. But, you know what? You may not be absorbing as much information as I am. You may not remember every single word that was said. I’m not saying that I remember every word but I do remember most. Once I pay attention and I’m engaged in what’s being taught, I tend to soak in and retain information like a Bounty paper towel. Once this individual starts getting defensive, I instinctively do the same and then I will quote precisely what this person said and when they said it. Of course, no one’s gonna just let go. This person? Refuses to admit to being wrong. How prideful.

Remember what I said about being open to the idea of energy and this course? Energy is a flowing life force and we have to learn to understand it. That is what this is about. How can you be open to the ideas that are being placed on the plates before us if you can’t even be open to the idea that someone twice younger than you can correct you when you’re wrong? How ironic.

How pathetic.

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