I Bowl.

Recently, Casa Grande, a hotel in Barbados, opened up a bowling alley. Last night, I went with a bunch of friends and had my first try at bowling. And it was awesome!
This place just makes me like Barbados a little bit more. This is a hotel that typically doesn’t do well in business so I think this was the wisest thing the owners did. For years, we’ve been wanting a place that had something fun like bowling! Now, it’s here and it’s become my favourite place on the island. There’s good food, good setup and a good atmosphere. The atmosphere in this place is such that I don’t even feel like I’m in Barbados anymore. And, sadly, that’s one of the biggest reasons for my liking this place so much.
There’s also bumper cars and a little arcade section so you don’t have to play just bowling.
I mentioned good food. When I looked at the menu, I was most pleased to see that they don’t have a meat-filled one. I got myself a nice Vegetarian Club which came with fries which was well presented to me. It was a lot to eat but it was all so delicious!
No doubt I’ll be heading back here time and time again. It makes for a really great liming spot.

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