Salamander tsuba. Sword guard. Forged by Brian Chan. He makes swords too!

Crafts. Music. Drawing. Painting. Writing. Poetry. Film.
When I listen or see the things people create and it’s great, I feel inspired. The desire to create something great just bubbles up inside. I think it’s the inner child creativity in me.
When I was smaller I used to love making stuff. I was always making stuff…a hand-crafty sort of person. And I used to love it. But it’s been years. Ever since I got my first laptop, it all went down hill. I slowly stopped making stuff and spent a whole lot more time on the computer. I still do. And I don’t make stuff at all anymore. It’s so sad. When I made my Mom an origami flower for Mother’s Day, I felt that little child in me try to tickle her way out. Making something with my hands again…it felt amazing. I’m going to try to get the creativity flowing once more and hopefully keep it going. It’s a gift I don’t think people should so carelessly let go of.

Done with a single piece of paper. No cuts or anything.
For instance, this guy: Brian Chan. He does origami, graphic designs, metalwork (above).
I love Wall-E! So, of course, I absolutely loved this work of art. Brian is a genius!
See more of Brian’s genius at work here. I saw this and thought it was quite nice:
Artists of all kinds. I’m finding more and more of them on YouTube. But, that’s a story for another time. Musicians, graphic artists, photographers, film makers…they grab my attention and inspire and motivate me to do more for myself. (It explains my recent interest in photography!) Remind me that I have it in me to make something great too. I still try to keep up with my poetry. =)
We should all try to explore the gifts we have. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have a wonderful gift unique to you and only you. What’s your gift?

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