Super Hectic Week!

So, I haven’t had a chance to blog or do anything much computer or internet related in the past week. So many things have been happening, there just wasn’t much time for anything!
From preparing a budget for the Medical Students’ Association for three long consecutive nights to a full day of work after 4.5 hours of sleep to a day out on a catamaran and a night out at dinner and concluding with another full day of work after about 5.5 hours of sleep. It’s been one mad busy week but I had a great time for the most part!
I got to see this old piece of equipment, unused in the corner of one of the Guild rooms.
The catamaran cruise was on Friday and it turned out to be great despite being seasick for the first time in my life. I’ve been on boats and catamarans before…without any problems so I really don’t know what it was about this one. But it was a great day with friends and classmates. Tiami Cruises is quite a cool choice so if any of you decide to give Barbados a visit go on a day-long Tiami cruise!
I also celebrated Tammy’s birthday dinner Friday night and it was great. Turns out, I’m great at playing pool! But maybe it was just a lucky night for me? I made some amazing shots I wish were caught on camera. Either way, I had a great night and I couldn’t help practicing the art of photography.

I may only have a Sony Cybershot DSC T200 but it does the job well enough.

Who said summer was for relaxing? =)

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