Here comes another Nokia

The Nokia N97, the N97 mini, the N900 and, now, the N8.

Nokia introduces a new touchscreen baby in the N-series, the Nokia N8. This one, unlike my N97 mini, has a capacitive touchscreen and no slide out keyboard. It’s about the size of the Nokia N97. I could deal with the width but it’s a little thick for my liking. It comes in different colours (which would vary by region, of course).
If I were to get one of these, I’d take it in blue.
Sneak peak at the N8. The question: What will you do with it?
My answer: certainly not freestyle with it.
To be honest, I just thought this video was adorable.
This phone has gone high-def with an HDMI-output, HD videos, a 12 MP camera and 16 GB internal memory and up to a 32 GB MicroSD to hold it all in. A 12 MP camera phone? My oh my. I’m quite happy with my 5 MP. It takes such exceptional photos that no one would believe was taken with a cellphone. The size doesn’t matter so much to me as the quality, and 5 MP is enough size for me.
Maemo 5 and Symbian S60 5th generation run on the N900 and N97/N97 mini respectively. What runs on the N8? Symbian 3 – Nokia’s first Symbian 3-based phone to come out.
It’s aesthetically pleasing, to my eyes at least. If I didn’t have my N97 mini, would I buy this phone instead? I probably wouldn’t. I like having a physical keyboard separate from the screen. Given the choice, I would have chosen the N97 mini anyways.
When is this little one releasing? I have no idea, but would you get it?

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