Study Sleep Study

In just about 9.5 days I’ll be setting my Neuroscience II examination. Until then, it’s study study study! With some sleep thrown in there somewhere.
Everyday I’ll study something different and, if all goes well, I’ll have finished all the major topics by Monday so that I can spend the last few days before my exam reviewing. Lots to study though, so I’m hoping for such a result.
So, I’ll be spending my days on campus (except for the two public holidays we’ll be having this week + Sunday) studying my brain away. I’ve been allowed to study in the lecture theatre since it’s no longer in use and couldn’t possibly be used as an examination room. It’s perfect and cold and comfortable. I love being able to use my own building. =)
Everyone’s out and out with their books. Everyone looks like a nerd. People are studying wherever they can on campus. If I didn’t have the Medical Sciences building, I’d be in the Law Library because it’s the quieter of the two on campus. The main library is a noisy little buzz of a place because they actually tolerate moderate noise. I can only imagine how full it must be.
In the gazebo behind the Medical Sciences building, these three have found a peaceful haven to study in. =)

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