That Time Again

It’s that time of the semester. When teaching comes to an end and everything comes to a close, the semester draws to it’s final days: examinations.
These are the days that arrive twice an academic year for most people. The days every student dreads. The days every student looks forward to seeing the end of. Once these days have gone, vacation is upon us. And who doesn’t love vacation? Some of you will be finishing your studies and moving into a new era of your life: work.
Examinations at my university begin this week and run to the 12th of May. This semester, I have just one single final exam: Neuroscience 2; a dreadful 9-credit course whose exam is set to run for 3 hours. This shall be conducted May 6th, after which I will proceed to enjoy the much needed vacation time.
This summer will be a somewhat shortened one, having a summer semester which begins June 21st and runs till August 20th. I’ll have 2 weeks of pure vacation to enjoy before the next semester begins. During this summer semester, we will be doing a research elective. Fun fun fun.
So, for those struggling along with your studies, keep your head up and get enough sleep! Take care of your bodies during this time but always remember to never give up! I wish you all the best! Good luck!

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