Rain Rain, Come This Way!

It’s been raining intermittently almost everyday from last week. And it’s been lovely. But only while the rain falls. The temperature cools down, the sun is hidden behind the grey clouds. It also gets quite humid, but I think I prefer that to the burning sensation the sun’s rays send to us.
Yesterday, I went to the hospital for a lecture and my usual drive took twice as long with the little bits of flooding occurring here and there on the way. Barbados is a small flat little island whose roads were not constructed for proper draining. So water collects fairly quickly with rain that would fall for only 15 minutes and the result can below. I was driving slow enough to snap some photos.
Taken in the same area on the same road. Sidewalk? Not visible.

The rain was still falling when I went into the hospital and I exited about 1.5-2 hours later into bright sunlight once more. If I hadn’t been in the rain, I wouldn’t have guessed that it rained at all in same places. Where lots of water collected, it was either completely dried up without a sign of water or there was a small puddle left. Any other indications would have included some excess mud on the roads. Of course, the sun was shining brightly and it was as hot as ever.
Sun + high humidity = Not cool
Some of the water would have drained off from the roads. But to see how dry the sidewalks and roads were, is a pretty clear indication of how hot our sun is to have dried everything so quickly. As said by a friend of mine:
“The sun that shines over Barbados is the sun that shines on Hell.”
Oh, yes. No sun burns like ours. Believe it.


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