Cockroaches are filthy, vile disgusting creatures. Last night was the second night in a row that I found a massive (by massive, I mean 2.5″) cockroach in my bedroom. I go nuts on these things with bug spray just to corner then drown them in it. My nearly full bottle went down to about half after last night’s run. *shudder*

It’s times like these that I wish I owned a pet cat. My Mom hates pets so I’ve never had the privilege of raising one but I was staying at a friend’s house and she told me about cats getting rid of problems like roaches. Not long after informing me of this interesting fact did a cockroach crawl through the room (small in comparison to the ones I have at home…but this was in Trinidad) as if to give me a little demonstration. I didn’t see what happened to the vile creature, being too busy staying off the floor. I’m sure it was no pretty sight to see since all I saw left of the creature were a few legs left scattered about the floor. Neat. I remember thinking, “I should definitely get a cat!” But I probably won’t. Felines don’t appeal to me as much as canines.
My room needs to stop randomly producing big roaches at night when I’m ready to go to bed! Just where are they coming from anyways?!

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