The Best Lecturers?

Is it me or are the all best Basic Medical Sciences lecturers Indian?

Well, at least, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to from all the lecturers I’ve been exposed to. All the people that I’ve learnt best from have been Indian and they pretty much carry similar teaching styles. They are all incredibly knowledgeable in their fields and they teach by diagrams in text books and drawings they do on a whiteboard.
Maybe I should have gone off to study Medicine in India?
Granted, I do have an anatomy lecturer who isn’t very good but that’s because she’s always feeling rushed and never goes over what she should be teaching us, telling us that we should go home and read it ourselves. She teaches by drawing as well but I think she has some odd notion that we prefer to sit and stare at powerpoint slides with pixelated images.
Just last semester a friend of mine discovered Dr. Najeeb. He’s an amazing lecturer that manages to make everything so simple. I’ve only got one lecturer like that at my university who teaches physiology (and he is, of course, Indian). He provides full lectures on basic medical sciences topics online, and I would suggest any and every medical student to check out his videos.
Click for Dr. Najeeb’s Youtube
Click to find Dr. Najeeb on Facebook and Twitter
I’m sure there are other great lecturers out there of different race, nationality and language. I wouldn’t mind them coming to teach me. But I do find it interesting that the people who have been able to teach me best, so far, don’t speak English as their first language. Most of my lecturers who only speak English somehow don’t carry their messages across very well. Very interesting indeed.

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