Why Nick? Why?

So, the Kids Choice Awards 2010 went down last night on Nickelodeon. And I couldn’t watch. Why? Because I don’t have Nickelodeon.
But I do have Teen Nick. Which is still part of big Nick. For the hour and half that the KCA was on, Teen Nick showed nothing else for the duration of the time. There was a repeated transmission that showed the KCA logo and some scrolling text saying that they’ve gone off to the Kids Choice Awards, watch it on Nick and they’ll return at 9:30. So, as you’re showing nothing else, why not show the awards show? I was sorely disappointed. I had been looking forward to watching the Kids Choice Awards last night.

Well, what you don’t see on tv, find on the internet. And find I did.

Demi Lovato wore this lovely Black Faith dress that I love to bits! I’m not really a person to wear dresses and such but I would definitely wear this dress, should the occasion arise. It’s really quite lovely! My birthday’s coming up soon! *wink wink* Haha.

One of my favourite guys in the world claimed two of the lovely orange blimps for himself, winning the categories of ‘Favorite Movie Actor’ for New Moon and “Cutest Couple” for Jacob Black & Bella Swan. Yay! Congrats Taylor!


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