I’ve had this new game in the palm of my hands since last Monday! Pokemon SoulSilver. Unfortunately, I haven’t been playing it as much as I would like to. With classes, exams and assignments filling up about 80% of my days and sleep taking up 15%, there isn’t a whole lot left for fun and letting out the inner child.

I get the idea that no matter how old I get, I’m going to just simply love Pokemon. I probably can’t say the same about the show itself but as for the games, I can’t get enough of it. I’m really excited about SoulSilver, the remake of the Silver/Gold/Crystal series (of which I have, and am still in ownership of, Crystal). It’s really awesome so far and I totally love the whole idea of the Pokewalker and how you can catch certain Pokemon in it.
So far, I’ve started off in Johto and since it’s been so many years since I last played in Johto, I’ve been trying to decide on who I’ll keep in my party of six. I haven’t gotten very far (on my way to Olivine City) but for now I’ve got my Quilava (you know Typhlosion will just be a bundle of awesomeness!), Togetic, Quagsire, Dratini, Kangaskhan and Elekid. Well, I’ll figure it out eventually, beat the League and move onto Kanto. Imagine that! 16 gyms and 2 Leagues! =D This is surely going to last longer than the usual. =D
I’ve only recently realised how much there’s still left to do in Pokemon Platinum which I got last year. I stopped playing it sometime and never picked it back up until two weeks ago. Interesting. I’ll get back to that at some point in time. Right now, my focus is SoulSilver. =]

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