Hello? Goodbye?

I want to wear a kimono.
I don’t know why. I just feel like it. I’ve worn some yukata before on my trip to Japan a few years back and it was nice. I had such a fun trip…I want to go back!
I really, truly feel like this place is wearing me down. By this place, I’m referring to my university. I’m so so very tired of it all. Every day, all I ever have the opportunity of hearing about is complaints about this, that and the other. It’s driving me mad and I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got complaints of my own, but I’m not one to normally voice them because I see no reason to be upset over it. I do my part and do it to the best of my ability and move on. I won’t let a few people in a faculty hold me back and upset me. Not anymore. I’m tired of that. It’s way too much of a burden.
I miss the other side of the world. I miss the culture there compared to that which exists here (or more like a lack of culture here), the family, the food…
I just miss so much. I can’t wait to leave.

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