History Lesson: China

I spent a nice part of last night watching the History channel. There’s rarely anything worthwhile to watch on TV these days and I don’t normally watch the History channel. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of actually having the channel in my cable package because we don’t ever watch it.
Last night there was a 2-hour documentary on the first Emperor of China. It was the most fascinating documentary but I’ll admit, it was probably only so interesting because I’m not studying Chinese history. Somehow, I think if I learn about something because I have to it doesn’t strike me as interesting as it would if I just wanted to. Well, I was just so taken by it that I thought I’d blog about it.
The first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, was an undeniably admirable man who accomplished so many great things and has created the China we know today. In short, he created one large empire and ruled for a duration of about 3 decades. He was a man of great strength and power. Unfortunately, his obsession with immortality led to his own demise at the tender age of 49.
The Great Wall of China we admire today was built as a protective shield from external enemies from the North. It’s still somewhere in my life-plan to visit someday!
The Terracotta Army stand to protect the tomb of the great Emperor. Under order of the first Qin Emperor, these figures were created.

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