We are the doctors-to-be!

The past week has been filled with fun activities for our still-small faculty, the Faculty of Medical Sciences, at U.W.I. I may not have attended every event but I was sure to dress accordingly and take lots of photos like the little amateur paparazzi I am. Hehe.
My participation was included in:
  • Mon. Feb. 1 – Purple Day! Except, I lack the colour purple in my wardrobe and so the second option was black. =]
  • Tues. Feb 2 – Class Photo Day! Everyone was to get all dressed up and look professional to take some class photos.
  • Wed. Feb 3 – Scrubs Day! This was a super fun day…seeing students dressed up in their scrubs or anything that was scrubs-like.
  • Thurs. Feb 4 – Games Night! A really fun night filled with games and all sorts of childish pleasures.
  • Sat. Feb 6 – Beach Day! As far as I’m concerned, the beach is no fun without good company. A great way for the week to end. =]
I noticed quite a few cruise ships pulling into the harbour this past week as well.

Two ships arriving bright and early Wednesday morning

At the beach yesterday, I saw a lovely sunset, as usual. This time though, a cruise ship was just sailing towards it in all it’s grace. Gorgeous.
All in all, I had a great week! Medical Sciences week pretty much accounts for all the fun I could ever expect in a single semester. The other 15 weeks are a total bore. But now that the fun is over, it’s time to kick back with the books and focus on the goals set for the future!

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