A Difference in Classes

I’ve mentioned it before and speaking about it to a friend gave me this sudden urge to go into so much detail about the flight between Hong Kong and New York that I decided I’d blog about it. =]
I flew Business First Class on Continental Airlines to and from Hong Kong and it was amazing! We’ve flown in Economy on Cathay Pacific for our previous trips and it was ok. We were considering treating ourselves and flying Business First on Cathay Pacific…the prices were incredibly high but the features available seemed to be worth it. The level of privacy on Cathay Pacific had Business First Class passengers almost in little cubicles and First Class had much larger cubicles. But alas! We decided on Continental Airlines because it offered a special at the time and we grabbed it while it was still hot, saving quite a bit of money.
We got 3 meals on the flight and were very well kept hydrated. Got a choice of a drink before take off, a refill after take off and about an hour after we got our first meal.
The first and third meals started with warm roasted nuts with a beverage. This was followed by an appetizer consisting of a small cup of soup and another item of choice, then onto a salad with your choice of dressing (or no dressing at all, as in my case) with your choice of assorted rolls with butter. The salad was then followed by the main course, which of course differed depending on your destination and about 3 meal choices were given. After the main course, we enjoyed some lovely fruits with crackers and assorted cheeses along with the option of wine. And last, but not least, came the dessert, which was merely vanilla ice cream with a choice of toppings and an assortment of pastries.
The second meal was merely a mid-flight refreshment and, to and from Hong Kong, we had a Taiwanese-style noodle soup with a slice of cake. I didn’t have the refreshment on my way to Hong Kong because I was sleeping at the time but I certainly had it on our way back to New York.
Everything was delicious! The food alone makes Business First Class heavenly compared to Economy!
Our seats extended fully almost into a bed at about 170˚ which was comfortable enough with our spacious seating space. I got a good 6 hours or so of sleep on the way to Hong Kong…at just the right time so that I wasn’t drastically jetlagged upon arrival. On the way back, however, I didn’t sleep any more than 4 hours and spent the rest of the time eating and watching movies and TV shows. Took myself a few days to readjust to the time zone.
I had an enjoyable time in Hong Kong as well as an enjoyable flight there too!

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