Oh How I Love The Cold

You know how people like to ask questions like “Which do you prefer? Hot or cold?” And as I would normally reply to such questions, I say “I’m not sure. I like both. I’m not really one to pick a favourite.” But that was 3 years ago. When I didn’t have much exposure to colder temperatures. But now I have. And I love it.
It’s true…I’m truly not one to pick a favourite. I can’t choose between vanilla and chocolate ice cream so I normally take a mix. But I just love the cold. I really hate being hot. Sure being sweaty and feeling sticky bothers me, I only like sweating when I exercise because then I feel like I’ve really had a good workout and it feels good and, after all, I could easily cool down. But there are the days when the internal body temperature is just soaring (and it’s not a fever), I’m not sweating and a cold shower does little to help. Those are the days when air conditioning is most required but what happens if you don’t have it? You could strip down and stand in front a fan for all the world but it still won’t help because the fan circulates hot air. Not helpful.
So I love the cold. Full stop. And I loved my trip to Hong Kong so much because Hong Kong has, as I’ve mentioned previously, the most perfect temperatures! With normal winter temperatures ranging from 15-21 degrees Celsius and cooler temperatures that can drop down to 7 degrees Celsius, how could I not love the weather there?
New York on the 19th and 20th were wonderfully cold and snowy. Here is where I’ll start posting about my ever wonderful 12-day trip to Hong Kong and back and everything that happened in between. I made little “journal entries”, so to speak, while I was gone with the Active Notes application on my new Nokia N97 mini. I’ll just copy and paste them here for you to read =]
Sunday December 20th 2009:
Flight to New York was delayed due to weather conditions. We left Barbados 2 hrs late and so we arrived 2 hrs late and then some since we had to circle around a couple of times while they cleared the runway of snow! Then another half hr looking for an open terminal. Then another 20 mins waiting for luggage. Temperature was in the negatives in degrees Celsius! Got out the airport around 11:30 pm. Had to drive slow. Got to the hotel after 3 am. Got the N97 mini.”

hotel car park
While waiting in New York for my flight to return to Barbados, it snowed again. Snow upon arrival. Snow upon departure. It was my first experience with snow! And I loved it.
JFK upon departure
More to come! Look forward to it! =]

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