Perfect Temperatures

I made it to Hong Kong safe and sound and I’m loving the temperatures! It’s about 18 degrees Celsius around so it’s like the environment’s just air conditioned. =] A shirt and sweater is all I need really. It’s just the right amount of cold =D

So, as a quick update:

  • I got my new phone! The Nokia N97 mini. Lovely piece of machinery. Getting used to the technology it holds.
  • NY is super cold! My flight from Barbados got delayed due to weather conditions…it was snowing! After a 2 hour delay, we got going and arrived to a wonderfully white winter.
  • Had my first experiences with snow! It’s so pretty and white……..until it starts melting away and looks all wet and grey, then it’s not so pretty anymore.
  • Travelled to Hong Kong in Business First Class on Continental Airlines. Loved it. Made the 15 hour flight seem much shorter. With full, hot, fresh meals served on plates with real cutlery, a chair that lengthens out about 170 degrees to almost give you a flat bed, over 300 movie choices, over 50 tv show choices, over 80 games, and over 100 albums of music, what more could one ask for?

The trip has only just begun! I’m sure there will be lots to happen and such. And my phone, my camera and myself will all be there to capture the memories =D

Christmas is almost here. And I’m finally in a Christmas mood! =P

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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