Oh Little Kernel

Oh little Kernel, won’t you please leave me today?
Sunday afternoon I was enjoying a nice bowl of popcorn at home. Then a small piece of a popcorn kernel gets stuck in my right tonsil. It’s been stuck there for awhile.
In fact, today marks Day Four.
I’ve already been to the doctor to get it removed because it was really irritating my tongue. I ended up paying $70 for nothing because, obviously, it’s still there. Such a waste. They didn’t have the nozzle to spray the lidocaine in the back of my throat so that they could conduct a procedure. The bottle and all the other equipment were there, but the nozzle for the bottle, in all of the building, was missing. Plus, they didn’t have a new bottle of lidocaine that would have come with the nozzle. Just my luck.
Four days later, I’ve decided to just live with it and keep hoping for it to dislodge soon. It’s been bothering me less than initially. So I’m hoping for the best.
Oh little kernel, please disappear soon.

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