A Show Not To Be Forgotten!

I think I’ve been complaining more than I’d like to lately. And I haven’t made an entry in ages! Well…now I’ve got something nice. Why? Because I saw something awesome.

In honour of the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the Guangdong Arts Group is travelling to Dominica, Barbados and Grenada from the Guangdong Province of China.
The performances were just…excellent! There was acrobatics, music, dancing, singing, magic (not the lame kind) and martial arts. Super enjoyable. And it didn’t cost much either but that’s because the group wasn’t really doing it for money. I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve been telling everyone who didn’t go and I’ve been showing off pictures and everything!
Balance & strength…and lots of it!

These shows aren’t really anything new to me. I’ve got China’s Central Television 9 (CCTV9) on my cable so I always watch this show called Center Stage. Basically shows concerts (boring and not-so-boring), some of the best works of some famous chinese musicians, choreographers etc and the best performances at galas and festivals. Festivals and galas have acrobatics, music, singing and dancing so it was like watching 3 episodes of Center Stage (it runs for 30 mins) but in person! So it was quite exciting. It’s always a different feel when your actually there for the experience. =D

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