Sheer Natural

So my Mom decided a little while ago that she’d give the Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup a try and ordered the little 30 day starter kit which came with everything you see in the photo.

I’m not a makeup person, and I’ve just about never put makeup on by myself before. I decided that I’d try out Sheer Cover on the night of the first year matriculation ceremony a couple of weeks ago but I had to put it on all by myself since my Mom wouldn’t have been home. It was actually quite simple. The kit was a simple little thing: moisturiser, cleanser, duo concealer, mineral foundation, mascara, brushes, and a new handy little piece consisting of lip gloss, highlighter and cream eyeliner. I don’t use mascara though so that remained untouched and there’s a special brush that works perfectly with the cream eyeliner that didn’t come in the kit, so that remained untouched as well. It was all easy to do and was as nice as it looked on the commercials!
I gave it another try recently. This time I wore it for a full day. And I got exposed to the sun which meant that I was exposed to extreme heat resulting in some sweat. Sweat…which did absolutely nothing to the makeup. In fact, no one knew I was wearing anything on my face since it looks so natural as opposed to having foundation caked onto your face. It’s as light as people say it is…quite easy to forget I’m wearing makeup of any kind on my face.
I don’t like makeup. But Sheer Cover could really change my mind about that. If only we had access to the rest of their makeup line…it looks so awesome.

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