Playing Tag With Time

Whether you do or don’t realise it, at some point in time, everyone starts playing a game of tag with time. Somehow, procrastination becomes a new friend for many and, with it, comes baggage: excuses.

Time is a precious commodity that, once lost, cannot be regained.

The majority of teenagers and young adults choose to remain awake until the wee hours of the morning. Why? A common excuse: “I’m afraid I’ll miss out on something important.” However, whatever happens at night, is bound to be reported during the day…for those who were asleep. Does this mean that those spouting this excuse think that nothing happens during the day? And what could be worth putting your body’s circadian rhythm out of tune? One can’t possibly think that it does any good for the body’s health, or am I wrong?
I’d say that excuse is pretty lousy, but then, all excuses are. Why wait until the last minute to do important stuff? Procrastinating until the night before a deadline to get around to “studying” for an exam or to rush to start and complete a project/assignment in a single night? Some people say that this works for them, but I’m fairly sure it’s not something that can work for everything.
I was once a crammer. It worked incredibly well for me. Studying? That wasn’t something I could manage easily. Now, where cramming once got me a B or A, I’ll barely get passes. Studying is a habit that I had to learn. If I play around for just a week, I’ll only be giving myself a hard time catching up. Trying to reclaim time that was merely wasted. Of course, I don’t overwork myself. It does me no good to run my brain till it shuts down.
Limitation is key to good time management. I just think that some people shouldn’t push their luck and suffer the consequences of it. Straighten up your priorities, get rid of bad habits and set your mind to it. Don’t say “It’s not that easy”. It’s as hard as you want it to be. Limitations are good…but only in your lifestyle.
Don’t limit your possibilities. After all, without our dreams, what would we be living for?

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