It’s a light first couple of weeks for the new semester and my class has graduated from Year 1 guinea pigs to Year 2 guinea pigs. The new first years sure have things easy but I’m glad they’ll have less trouble (not that they won’t have any at all, because they’re bound to run into those) than we did.

We’re still the class to experiment with though. And we will be until we move onto our clinical years from 4th year (since that’s nothing new in Barbados…only the pre-clinical programme is new). The first year curriculum has changed so much that it almost sounds like something totally different! If things get better, I’m fine with it though. =]
Awhile ago, I had a good friend tell me that I should try to get my poems out there…like…into the public. Initially, I laughed it off but then I started considering it but I never knew how to go about it. He suggested that I enter my poems in NIFCA but I was never confident enough to go about it. The National Independence Festival for Creative Arts (NIFCA) is a sort of competition that showcases the artistic talents of Barbadians of all ages in literary arts to photography to dance. Sometime later he suggested a poetry bar (or something like that) located in town…but I certainly don’t have the courage for that either (not to mention, I don’t like town). So after those suggestions, as much as I would’ve liked to get my poems out, I never did.
Just last month, I found out that my friend’s sister is working for the Nation (one of our local newspapers) and that she’s the editor of a youth magazine that the Nation is starting up. She wanted to know if any of her brother’s friends write. I showed her my blog and a couple of my poems and she decided to take them in. I got a call earlier and found out that the magazine came out today and my poem (or poems?) is in it! I’m quite ecstatic xD
I’ll be getting my copy of the magazine tomorrow so I’ll get to show it off =D Can’t wait to see it!

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