A Child Unleashed

Mickey’s Magic Show was here in Barbados for a few days and, like the children my Mum and I are, we got tickets to go! Watched the 1:30 show today and it was so much fun! Second row, aisle seats were awesome. Mickey’s Magic Show was also in Trinidad during my last week there!
The second half of the show was the most entertaining for me…the first part more for the little kiddies with a few of the Disney princesses like Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. The levitation acts were the most enthralling and I really liked the more active of the two magician guys =D

VIP seats!

It’s always nice when we get these little international acts coming to this small rock in the sea. My Mum and I were talking about that on our way back home. We were talking about how not-so-expensive tickets were to go see them. VIP tickets were only $75 BDS (about $37.50 US). I don’t think it would cost that amount for those kinds of seats on larger continents.
We’d been to a Cirque du Soleil show when we went to New York a year or two ago and it was awesome! But it also certainly cost over $100 (or 200?) US for a ticket! Ah well. It was totally worth it. My Mum was saying she expected VIP tickets to have been at least $100 BDS. The fact that not very many acts come down here is fairly obvious to the average Barbadian.
Our little discussion came to the conclusion that they don’t make much of a profit from coming to our island since they would be expected to have lower prices than they would normally charge. I really don’t think the typical Barbadian would want to pay $200-400 for tickets. It seems insane but that’s what prices are like elsewhere, or at least in our experience it’s been that way. So I can’t really blame international people for not wanting to put up shows here much. It takes a lot of time and labour and people need to be paid for that, it’s understandable. =]
Guess that’s another reason, I’d like to move away someday. The lack of entertainment around. Local acts are nice, e.g. bands, but we don’t have everything.

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