Students Galore

Oh boy was today sweltering hot! Honestly. The heat was insane. On my way home my car gave me a temperature reading of 36 degrees Celsius. Mad hot.

I went to the new students’ orientation this morning! I was out the house running some errands and so I decided to drop by U.W.I. to get my student ID renewed. I had a friend who’s amongst the first years so I figured I’d stick around and keep her and her friends company ^_^ In doing so, I ran into a bunch of old acquaintances and an old friend who I don’t get to see often. I’m so glad he’ll be at U.W.I. with the rest of the us now! Not that it would matter much, since I rarely see my friends around campus.

Ended up learning a thing or two about some stuff on campus that are new. They’ve set up drink machines around more places on campus so that’ll make some people happy. They’re apparently building a pharmacy and bus shelters (they’ve got students waiting on the U.W.I. bus in the sun. Poor souls). I got to take a look at the Medical Sciences building (still under construction, of cou
rse) and it’s come along pretty far. I’m impressed. They’ve started painting/putting on trowel plastic (I’m not sure which since I couldn’t get closer but most likely the latter since it’s cheaper and looks better).
Of course, I don’t walk around with my digital camera and my cellphone camera no longer works so my friend took a picture with hers =] At this rate, we’ll finally be able to move in to our own faculty building by second semester instead of use random classrooms around campus for whatever need we have. Yay!
There are so many first years. I wonder how many are in my faculty. I can’t wait to meet them!

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