Trust, Change & Friendship

Life is an ocean tide
Love is the sweetest honey
Friendship is a double-edged sword
And betrayal runs as deep as the scarlet flowing within us.
By: Me

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things recently. For some reason, a trip to Trinidad always gives me some sort of revelation of what’s happening in my life. I guess that’s another reason why I look forward to my trips back there almost every year.

Friendships are precious things, aren’t they? But not many of them stay with you for as long as you’d like. People change. There will always be people around to help out and many acquaintances to be made, but how many are true friends? People grow apart as they grow in life. Our experiences make us who we are. Sometimes people grow closer with change. We are who we are. We can’t always flow smoothly along the river just because we want to. There are things that we have no control over. So when it’s time to let go, then we must learn to do so.
Letting go can be painful. But if there’s a person bringing down your good moods and is just being a constant drag on your spirit, then it’s necessary. Such a person can only be holding you back being the best you can be and holding you back from spreading your wings, whether they’re aware of it or not. Nobody deserves to be unhappy. Chaos and confusion – no thanks. A simple talk can lead to an argument and I much prefer to avoid confrontations such as those. I like it when everyone can get along without one person trying to take charge. Of course, reality is what it is and humans are unpredictable beings.
Change is a part of life. We all need to learn to accept it and move on. It doesn’t help to live in the past.

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