Escape No More…

So today is my final day in Trinidad. The end of my two-week getaway…my great escape. It truly was an escape and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. As was the usual, I enjoyed my last week here more than the first. I always wonder why that is…could it be because the pressure of the end of my trip is nearing? Nevertheless, I still enjoy myself.

I do wish that I could stick around a little longer. I normally always want to stick around just another week longer but I haven’t wanted to stay this much in quite a few years. I can’t believe that it’s been a decade since I moved away from the island. It only hit me just recently. A decade.
Trinidad is a pretty neat place to be able to keep yourself busy, I think. It helps to have friends. Ah…good friendships…old friendships. I love that I still get along well with old friends…friends that I’ve known for as far back as I can possibly remember.
In more than one way, this trip has been an incredibly special one for me. A decade.

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