Let The Floodgates Open!

Monday afternoon was a pretty heavy afternoon in terms of rain, thunder and lightning! The weather in Trinidad is pretty wacky on it’s own: super hot and sunny with a sudden change in weather – rain and thunder for a couple of hours – then the return of the sun till it sets. Well, just when I thought it was another one of the wacky days of Trinidadian weather, it was about 3 times heavier than usual.
Electricity went out in some areas. At home it was for about 10 minutes. At work it was a good few hours. The flooding was way worse at the office than at home but either way no one could get anywhere easily.
After a few hours, we looked outside and it was just totally flooded out!
Apparently, there was a tornado somewhere in central Trinidad too!

Both pictures taken outside my Dad’s office
It all dried up after a couple of hours, of course. Didn’t take incredibly long. At least the heat is good for something. =P

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