Our only living tree which has yet to bear any fruit and some ficus plants that aren’t growing too well.
A uniformly cloudy sky and some not-so-green grass beyond our fence.

There’s apparently a not-so-little system hanging over Barbados and from the satellite pictures I’ve seen, looks like our lovely weather may persist for a couple more days. Of course, I’m not one to predict the weather, after all, I’m a medical student not a meteorologist but that’s just my very vague amateur’s guess. =)

While the skies throw water down onto the earth keeps the temperature far from sizzling, I did only just wash the SUV yesterday. If the rain keeps up till tomorrow, it’ll get all dirty again =( That’s the part I don’t like. Not to mention, I just realised that another downside of a lot of rain means that there are more millipedes trying to make a home out of my own home. Not well appreciated by one who’s got a phobia of anything with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many legs o.O *shudders*

Other than that, I love the rain. We don’t get it often enough and at least it keeps are soil from going dry and us from having to water them every day so that what few plants we’ve got living around the house don’t die. =) But then again, this flat little island doesn’t do well when too much rain falls at any one time. Areas get flooded out pretty badly after a day, or even a few hours, of heavy rain. Too flat. I live on a hill so I don’t get that problem much.

Despite it all, I’m in love with the rain anyways. =)


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